In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

1We sent Noah to his people: “Warn your people before a painful punishment comes upon them.”

2He said, “O my people, I am a clear warner to you.

3Worship God, and reverence Him, and obey me.

4He will forgive you of your sins, and He will delay you until a stated time. God’s time cannot be postponed once it has arrived—if you only knew.”

5He said, “My Lord, I have called my people night and day.

6But my call added only to their flight.

7And whenever I called them to Your forgiveness, they thrust their fingers into their ears, and wrapped themselves with their clothes, and insisted, and became more and more arrogant.

8Then I called them openly.

9Then I appealed to them publicly, and I spoke to them privately.

10I said, ‘Ask your Lord for forgiveness; He is Forgiving.

11He will let loose the sky upon you in abundant rain.

12And will supply you with wealth and children, and will give you gardens, and will give you rivers.

13What is the matter with you, that you do not hope for God with dignity?

14Although He created you in stages.

15Do you not see how God created seven heavens in layers?

16And He placed the moon in their midst for light, and He made the sun a lamp.

17And God germinated you from the earth like plants.

18Then He will return you into it, and He will bring you out again.

19And God made the earth a spread for you.

20So that you may travel its diverse roadways.’”

21Noah said, “My Lord, they have defied me, and followed him whose wealth and children increase him only in loss.”

22And they schemed outrageous schemes.

23And they said, “Do not give up your gods; do not give up Wadd, nor Souwa, nor Yaghoos, Yaooq, and Nassr.

24They have misled many, so increase the wrongdoers only in confusion.”

25Because of their wrongs, they were drowned, then hurled into a Fire, and they found none to help them against God.

26And Noah said, “My Lord, do not leave a single unbeliever on earth.

27If You leave them, they will mislead your worshipers, and breed nothing but immoral unbelievers.

28My Lord! Forgive me and my parents, and anyone who enters my home in faith, and the believing men and believing women, and do not increase the wrongdoers except in ruin.”